Santorini Wine

Santorini Wine

If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul” – Clifton Fadiman

Santorini boasts a fine selection of home-grown wines although you may find it difficult to spot our vineyards. This is because we grow our grapes round in “baskets” on the ground rather than the more traditional trellis option. In fact wine-making goes back thousands of years and is very much a part of our tradition. Nature really is a wonderful thing because despite the dry climate and ash laden soil, the indigenous varieties still manage to thrive by the vines trapping moisture inside the baskets to pass on to the grapes.

Whilst this makes for a very manual fermenting process, the rewards are definitely worth it as they bring forth some very special and unique wines. Of particular note are the following although there are others including a small sample of red wines to choose from:


This is a sweet wine and was one of the most popular wines throughout the ancient world. It is golden-orange in colour and has a complex bouquet of dried fruits and raisins, mixed with sweet spice.


This is a dry-white wine and was traditionally made from grapes that are harvested at night. Today it is made in stainless steel barrels and then aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three months.

For a chance to sample some local wines, including our own, we invite you to come along to one of our hospitality events which we organise to help our guests get to know each other and hopefully meet some new friends.