Room Categorie: View from the deck

Double & Single, East Facing

This room is located on the ground floor of our hotel and is ideal for a couple looking to holiday with a child. The window overlooks the traditional walking path that is synonymous with the landscape. In addition to the single large bedroom, it also includes a private bathroom with shower, refrigerator and other modern […]

Double, Pool Facing (anetos)

The second of our pool facing doubles, the layout of this accommodation gives it a more spacious feel although they are exactly the same size (We’ve checked, twice!). It too features a window overlooking the pool; enticing you to step into the cool waters whilst enjoying the full unobstructed view that our hotel has to […]

Double, South Facing

This room is located on the second floor of the hotel. Whilst it does not have a private balcony, it does boast a large window from which you can enjoy unobstructed views of the Caldera. A great reminder that you are very much in Santorini! As well as that lovely view, the room also comes […]

Double, Pool Facing (folitsa)

Located at pool level, this room features aa SMALL window that EITHER overlooks the pool OR THE NEARBY CHURCH, reminding you that you are truly on holiday in Santorini! Whilst it is the same size as our other pool facing double, the layout of this room gives it a much cosier feel. As well as […]

Double, East Facing

Located on the second floor of the hotel, this accommodation has an east facing Cycladic window from which you can see the quaint walking path that is a traditional feature of the landscape. The room comes complete with a private bathroom and shower as well as a refrigerator and other modern amenities. The hotel’s pool […]