Walking the Fira to Oia walking path starting at Imerovigli

I do not know how many people would feel motivated to walk on a path that have done it a couple of hundred of times. I wouldn’t! George was motivated; not excited like I was for walking it for the first time in my life, but definitely motivated to walk its 8 kms of up and downs Volcanic Caldera.

The weather was ideal, the sun was warm enough, although it was early April with its up and downs, and the time was synchronized just to complete the walk to Oia at the moment the sun would set.

So, we started with the best mood and ideal conditions for a route that although it looks pretty big at first sight, but it finally passes, like the most beautiful things in life, very quickly!

Starting point was EOS Villa, In Imerovigli, where from we started walking on the road of Imerovigliou-Oia, heading north, when we turned left at the tavern of Mr. Tasos in a shortcut that leads to the path we were looking for.

“Are you sure that it is only two hours walk?” I ask George. “It looks like the double” …
The Volcanic Caldera extends in front of our sight up North to Oia like a huge wall rising 250-300 meters above sea level. It is huge, wild and powerful!

The stone-paved path welcomes you with a view that opens the soul and makes room for that experience to come in, and stay.
Open wide blue, from the height of the Caldera of Imerovigli, you think you can watch it until the end of the world.
Kameni island on our left, what was left from the Minoan prehistoric volcanic eruption that built the island from the beginning, and to the north Thirasia, which seems to be a blue paradise isolated from anything else.

Nature’s blossom penetrates all your senses!

The yellow daisies that grow, as a trademark, everywhere on the island, create a perfect contrast with the blue of the sea. The caldera brown rocks look like a step that has built by a somewhat divine, form the slopes of the island, and the smells of blossom lift you into an experience that you live in only a few parts of the world.

Santorini on its spring dress, colorful and charming creates the perfect background!

We started walking on the famous stone-paved path, having fixated our gaze on the Caldera side (on our left), completely mesmerized by the beauty while losing the sense we had of time.

After walking for 1 km on the walking path we encountered a path’s diversion that George suggested that goes downhill on the left leading to a tiny chapel that is hand-crafted into the volcanic rock and it has a veranda with amazing views of the Caldera and the Volcano.

We didn’t have the time to explore it this time so we continued… At 200 meters we encountered another small and beautiful chapel…this of Saint Markos, also on our left…
We did not stop and continued further up on the steep walking path, till we landed on the beautiful paved courtyard of Profetis Elias, a bigger church-compound made of several church building that is built on a small plateau of this volcanic hill.
The view is also breathtaking…

Ideal point for a short stop and taking pictures, as in front of us is a pallet with every shade of blue.

On the North Western end of the courtyard the walking path starts a nouveau, heading downhill, crossing the volcanic cliffs where large stones stand still along the path.

Suddenly the harmony of blue and brown, sea and soil, breaks by a strange noise coming from above the hill…
Above us, at a steep stony point, a partridge makes her erotic call, and quickly returns to her nest…

To our left the seagulls also make their appearance, and the audiovisual concert is getting bigger minute by minute, step by step…

We have already made about 1/5 of the rout, and yet it looks almost like just a step…

Shortly, at the end of the downhill, on the right, we again discern the highway from which we started, while on the left the sun and the clouds begin to draw again in the sky; this time the shades of gold…
For about half a kilometer the path merges to the highway so we kept walking to the side of the road, until we reach a converted café truck that stations on a small annex of the highway. Right there a new path starts.
Ahead of us we can discern the beautiful view of Oia and at the right the area of Koloumbos. We continue the uphill path while right and left along the path extend a fencing of large stones. The path leads to a cross path, where we continue heading left for about 3 kilometers, to our next destination, Panagia.

On the way, on the left, we find a crafted stone table game, accompanied by 2 stone chairs ideal for a stop, game and photos.

We are halfway through the path and the sun has begun to fall slowly, creating a feast of colors in the sky that would leave no one unpleased.
As we can see the chapel of the Virgin Mary (Panagia) up on the hill, we realize that we are now very close to Oia.

Taking the last step, going up to the point where the chapel is located, Oia is distinguished in the background and on the horizon, we can see the Sun set.

On the left and south we see Imerovigli from where we started, right and above Fira and up Firostefani.

A 180 degrees stunning view to a point that is ideal for a quick rest to enjoy the view.
On the small veranda of the chapel that looks out on the caldera, a young company enjoy the incredible view of the ocean’s blue on the left and stunning Oia on the right; while at the same time we continue, descending on a very beautiful path, left and right, decorated by nature with all sorts of flowers.

Our left, in a strange landscape, rocks like sculptures, lie here and there, like human figures waiting for the sunset.

Oia is now in front of us, and as we get to the last part of our journey, the smile is printed on our face and the impatience for the destination, it is also held by anxiety that this walk unfortunately will come to an end…

The sun now reaches the end of its daily route and almost touches the sea, as the sun sets, and Oia is on the background…
It’s an image that is worth to experience at least once in your lifetime…
On our right we meet Finikia, but our eyes do not turn as we keep on watching this stunning image, The sunset at Oia.
As we walk further into the well-known paved alleys of Oia, Santorini’s world-famous architectural landscapes, and iconic sights, pop-up here and there, challenging us to keep them in our memory or to save them by taking photos of them.
We head to the Byzantine castle of Oia where we can enjoy all the splendor, the beauty of Oia, and photograph it.
The sun has sunk into the ocean’s horizon and the colors get together, creating perhaps the most beautiful picture that nature can create.

Time has lost its meaning and its existence, and as we observe the sunset until the last colors are lost into the deep blue of the night, we are standing still like the rocky sculptures we met earlier…

It is said that all is worth in life is not the destination but the route, but in this case both the destination and the route will leave none unpleased.

The Imerovigli – Oia walk route will be an integral part of you as a unique and lifechanging experience…

  • The journey takes about 8 km and the time required is about 1 hour and half.

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  1. Beautiful word pictures describing the walk from Imerovigli to Oia. I enjoyed it along with you. Efharisto poli.

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