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Christina Kotrotsou

Gandhist/ Cat person/ Convicted Heart burglar

Καλωσήρθατε! (Kalosirthate, Welcome)! I am Christina, a restless soul! I was born in Italy, then moved with my family to Nigeria in Africa, to Greece for my childhood and early adult life, then back to Italy to discover my Italian roots! But Greece is my homeland, the one that I have always carried in my heart no matter where I was. And since I had been away for long, I chose Santorini for its international lifestyle and attitude, for its traditions and culinary excellences and of course because… it did put a spell on me!

Why I am at Villa ilias

Because it feels like home, because the team is young, fresh, enthusiastic, motivated, caring about its colleagues and customers. We know what we as customers want and try to give it to however chooses us to experience a pleasant, humanly, homemade stay!


Observing everything that takes place around me.


I love anything that can be practiced in the open air and that involves nature: sailing, swimming, trekking, jogging, and hiking. And I am a blue-belt karate girl.

Music, Movies and books

My relationship with books is peculiar… it is THEM who choose ME! I could never, ever do without music, each kind at its right moment! I have not been a movie addict lately but I will never forget the "Wizard of Oz". It would constantly play on our TV screen when I was young.

One amazing thing I've done

Skydiving from 16.500 feet in short sleeves and a pair of espadrilles.

Talking wisdom

"The essential is invisible to the eye" and "Don’t just hear but listen!"

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