• Walk on the path from Pyrgos to Emporio

    Text and images by Themis Badas From the first days I stepped a foot on the island of Santorini, I had heard through discussions with friends that the island has to show other, diverse beauties, apart from the very touristic and popular. More authentic and more -Santorini-, for people who want to see the traditional […]

  • Walking the Fira to Oia walking path starting at Imerovigli

    I do not know how many people would feel motivated to walk on a path that have done it a couple of hundred of times. I wouldn’t! George was motivated; not excited like I was for walking it for the first time in my life, but definitely motivated to walk its 8 kms of up […]

  • Santorini & Nea Kameni

    By Themis Badas Santorini is an island located in the southern Aegean Sea, in the Cycladic islands, and is one of the most famous touristic centers in the world. The name Santorini comes from the passing Frankish Crusaders who, during their passage, stood for refueling near the church of Agia Irini, located in the current […]

  • Creating a Restful Place

    A hotel is a resting place. As a guest, you get to set aside your daily chores of cleaning and cooking and just rest for a while. To be at peace and forget about daily, monotonous tasks like washing the dishes. Your needs are anticipated for you: your room quietly serviced when you are out, […]

  • Healthy and Delicious Food

    Greece has a rich history of delicious, natural, and local food and wine. Santorini embraces those Mediterranean traditions and adds its own flair. Here you will find savory salads and lambs; sweet wines and pomegranates; kofta, moussaka, gyros… Delicious food with delightful views are always available in Santorini! We locals pride ourselves on the quality […]