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George Damigos

Master Sophist / Digital overlord / Utopic Anarcho Capitalist

Having been born and raised on the island of Santorini from parents that are both islanders for many generations makes me feel homesick when I leave Santorini to go elsewhere. Fortunately I am a complex soul so other parts of me are very much curious and travel-oriented so they compensate for my tendency to feel homesick. Yes, I love travelling! I am impressed by the richness, beauty and wisdom that exists outside my small island and I take every opportunity in order to dive into it and explore every small rock every hidden dweller of this planet.. Like when you scuba dive and you are in a state of awe! Isn't there ugliness and misery and darkness out there? Yes as well! But I believe that travelling can help you understand why this darkness exists in such a beautiful world!

Why I am at Villa ilias

Well even if it was not my favourite workplace it would have been my house! Yes, Villa ilias is the house I grew up; my parents' house.


Apart from travelling which is a big deal for me, I like reading and philosophizing.. By the latter I mean exploring ideas and their relevance. I am also a French enthusiast so I often listen to French Radio or reading French newspapers and books.


I like outdoor activities like walking, jogging, swimming etc

Music, Movies and books

I like Rock, alternative and avant/ post-rock. Movies: I will talk about those I saw lately and I liked: The green book, Foxtrot, Sami Blood. Books: from those that I recently read: "When Nietzsche wept", "Small is beautify", "why love hearts"

One amazing thing I've done

Camping with Dalai Lama on Bodh Gaya.

Talking wisdom

"A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free" Nikos Kazantzakis

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