3060 Drakoulis George | Villa Ilias

Drakoulis George

Standman / Retired hippie / tree-hugger

Born in the same land with Platon, Sokrates and Aristoteles. On the land of Athens I had my first education in a public school but before I finished, I decide to stop it because it was boring...I let myself to educate me from my experiences as I was observing life. So until now, I am the teacher and the student I am still learning and teaching myself with a propose to me my best edition.

Why I am at Villa ilias

Most of the places want employees , but I don't like to work. Villa Ilias is an old house, so every guest is coming to our bar is a guest who is coming to our house and I will treat him like this and not just to do my job.


I consider my self as a free spirit. I was born curious so as I am growing my interest. Changing and traveling with me. Fast bikes and my beautiful wife will always be next to me.


I hate gym and I love whatever have to do with nature. I spend most of my life there from a walk with my dog on the beach till hike a mountain and camping there for a night.

Music, Movies and books

The last 12 years I don't have a TV and I don't read a lot. Music for me is everything. I can hear it, I can taste it, I can see it everything. Music is a road without ending what we call life actually is a vibration of molecules that our senses describe as life.

One amazing thing I've done

The last on I did was seven months ago...I quit smoking!

Talking wisdom

Change yourself and you have change the world...