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Eleni Selina

Vice House-Director / Sugar addicted / Black-and-white movies historian

My name is Eleni Selina and I first visited Santorini 3 years ago, one very very windy February day, and almost instantly I have fallen in love with its beautiful surroundings while hiking on narrow paths. Ok I will not lie…the food was amazing too

Why I am at Villa ilias

I used to live in the suburbs of Athens but since I visited Santorini I wanted to share with others the hospitality that I received and the beautiful pictures that can be found almost everywhere on the island.


My favorite pleasure is to be outside, preferably on a sunny day, having breakfast and reading Sunday’s newspapers. That is a truly bliss ! ! !


But apart from that, I love spending time with my friends and I keep trying new activities such as horse-riding, hiking, rowing, yoga. A few months ago, I was introduced to Pilates’ reformer bed as well as to TRX and I am very fond of them. Also, recently I wanted to do something more creative –rather than just visiting painting exhibitions- so I had some pottery courses, and it is amazing how fulfilled one can feel while gazing upon something that he/she created.

Music, Movies and books

I like reading books; mostly in English, the topics vary and the majority of them are fiction books. Moreover, watching old black and white movies is something that I love but I cannot say no to a good comedy.

One amazing thing I've done

One amazing thing I have done is when despite my fear and weather conditions I rode a horse (without falling  -which back then and now seems like a triumph- ).

Talking wisdom

Taking wisdom: numerous quotes through the years. The very 1st is due to Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” and a few months ago by Kurt Tucholsky: “Expect Nothing. Today: That is your life.”