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Katerina Mpasli

Vice House-Director / Sugar addicted / Black-and-white movies historian

I am origin from Alexander the Great's birth place Macedonia from a small picturesque town called Koufalia.I decided to move to Santorini 10 years ago because I believe that life is short so I should live somewhere awesome and if not at Santorini then where? The love of my life is my beautiful daughter Nefeli.

Why I am at Villa ilias

Because since my first visit at this place I realised that it's team and (especially the two Georges)when they see an opportunity to create an WOW! moment they act on it and I wanted to be a part of it.


I like Spending time with my friends and family.Gothering at my home,cooking for them and enjoying Santorini's amazing wines.


I love long walks at the picturesque villages of Santorini.

Music, Movies and books

I like all kinds of music from folk music to hard rock.I enjoy watching old Greek movies.

One amazing thing I've done

I wrote a fairy tale for my daughter(ok I am not JK Rowling but I am actually proud that I did it).

Talking wisdom

"He who has a why to live can bear almost every how" Friedrich Nietzsche