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Konstantinos Siounis

Technical inspector / Coffee Expert / After midnight director

I was born and raised at Kimina, a village situated 20 km away from Thessaloniki, (Northern Greece's capital). I am a graduate of an Agriculture-school even though I never give it a try. What I actually did is to work as a commercial representative in Athens.

Why I am at Villa ilias

I appreciate getting in contact with different cultures and lifestyles.. So when I was in Athens, the idea was born to move to Santorini.. An international destination.. So here I am. I stumbled upon villa ilias by an accidental coincidence. I am happy for it ;)


Living, travelling and Music. Also I am a motor sports enthusiast!


Music, Movies and books

Electronic, House and RnB

One amazing thing I've done

I am a Taekwondo gold medalist

Talking wisdom

When I was 5, my mother used to tell that happiness is the purpose of life. When I was in high school I was asked what I would like to become. I answered happy and they told me I did not understand the question. I answered back that they did not understand life!

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