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Liliana Mindra

I was born and I grew up in Tulcea city in Romania. When I was 18 years old , I decided to travel and I moved to Girona in Spain. I worked there for two years and in 1997 I moved to Greece and Santorini. The local people and the beauty of the island kept me here so far.

Why I am at Villa ilias

I am working for Villa Ilias since 2017. The team of Villa Ilias made me to felt like as my family. The working atmosphere is very nice and motivates me to do the best for our guests.


Take photos, Music, Movies


Music, Movies and books

One amazing thing I've done

My decision to take life into my own hands when I was 18 and look for new horizons in foreign countries.

Talking wisdom

"life shrinks or enlarges depending on one's courage" Anais Nin

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