If you are looking for peaceful surroundings and a chance to unwind and recharge, then you could not have chosen a better location than Firostefani. With its superb views towards the Volcano and the famous Caldera, it is quite simply picture postcard perfect. Then there is the not-to-be missed sunset, marking the end of what was sure to have been a magical day.

This is why Firostefani boasts some of the best hotels that Santorini has to offer; Villa llias being one of them. You will also find exemplary restaurants – all tempting you with delicious Greek dishes and locally produced wines. If you wish to drive then you will find it easy to find a parking space. However, we recommend that you take a taxi which should cost no more than around €5 euros and take full advantage of being on holiday.

Alternatively, if you are feeling really adventurous, why not do as the locals do and opt for the bus? Firostefani’s bus station can be found on the Eastern façade of Agios Gerasimos church and you need to get on the bus that is heading towards Oia. Expect to pay less than €2 euros per person and remember to tell the bus driver/fare collector that you wish to get off at Firostefani. If not, you can expect to enjoy a much longer bus ride to Oia!

Want a little more excitement?

If you want to head for the busier Fira to experience a difference ‘side’ of Santorini then you can get there via the pedestrian walking path which should take around 15-20 minutes to reach the central square. The walk is very picturesque as it continues along the sea and provides superb views of both the Caldera and the Volcano.

Alternatively, you can hail a passing taxi and take a short two minute ride; the choice (as they say) is yours.

Villa Ilias