Our Philosophy

Finding Abundance in Simplicity

You step through the front door every morning, one hand on your coffee, the other already scrolling through the countless emails on your cell phone. There’s a Bluetooth in your ear, responsibilities weighing down before you’ve even reached your car door. When was the last time you watched the sunrise? Slept in? Smelled the sea? Read a book just for fun?

Modern life is too full and too fast. Vacations are intended to relax the mind and refresh the soul, but human habit rushes to keep its stresses constantly present. A week meant for rejuvenation quickly fills with fighting rental car companies and rushing to sightseeing locations, checking your email in traffic jams – just like you do every day back home.
You can become so obsessed with all the things you should be doing to enjoy your vacation that you fail to appreciate the moment directly in front of you.

Here at Villa Ilias, our goal is to offer you simplicity. A true step away from the complexities and frustrations of a stressful life into the abundance of appreciating every moment. Our charming hotel is the perfect place to pause. We offer you the space to sit quietly on your personal balcony and watch the sun set over the Aegean Sea, a glass of Santorini wine in hand.

Our goal is to create an environment that gives your soul the freedom to become refreshed. Our hotel is located within walking distance of everything you need, allowing you to leave the fuel, traffic, and over-filled itineraries behind for something that truly rejuvenates you at your own pace. Meander through the beautiful Greek architecture of Santorini. Drink in the lingering views of the sea and the famous volcanic caldera. Take the time to linger over a delicious Greek dinner. Remember the richness in life’s little details.

Don’t let your holiday add to your stress. Step back. Slow down. We warmly welcome you to Villa Ilias.